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How to find your dream photographer:


If you are looking for a photographer, you might begin to feel overwhelmed with the number of options you have. I'm here to help, offering a couple tips to help you discover who your dream photographer is and what they offer!

Starting with...


What kind of session are you looking to have done? Boudoir, Wedding, Maternity? This is the first thing to consider.



Are you traveling to a specific cabin that you'd like this to take place at? Are you looking to find a local photographer?

These two details are what you will use in Google to search!

(Ex: Ohio wedding photographer, Wedding photographer in Ohio, Boudoir photographer near Wadsworth, Wadsworth boudoir photographer)

Now we focus on style!

After finding a couple photographers that fit your search, head their websites and social media platforms to see what their editing and shooting style is. Now consider what you would like!

(Ex: Bold, colorful, warm images with candid/ natural posing)

This is a very important thing to consider. Hiring someone solely based on their price or following is a recipe for disaster. Photographers who value their style and education will stick with what they're passionate about when it comes to editing style. I, myself have turned clients away and referred them to other local Ohio photographers based on their requested style. I know that I specialize in colorful and bold images, and I very loosely guide my clients with prompts and laughter so any requests for the very structured and specific poses with light and airy editing will be passed to someone I know who does that and loves it! The last thing you want is to get a bargain but have pictures you don't even like! Be sure of your desired style before inquiring.

Personality matters

If your photographer offers a consultation (mostly done with wedding photography and high-end boudoir photography) that is a great opportunity to break the ice and get a feel for them as a person. Are you best paired with a bubbly, joyful photographer or maybe a quiet more reserved person? This is all preference.

Making sure your photographer is professional, takes you seriously and has an open line of communication, however, is bare minimum. If you aren't offered a consultation due to the type of service needed, find their reviews! Google reviews are the most reliable source. Be aware there are people out there who write terrible reviews just to ruin something shiny so read through the reviews and consider the photographers response to any of the negativity as well!

Budget is next!

Now that you have the recipe for your dream photographer, finding out what is possible for you is the final step in your search process. Contact the photographers you love to find out their general pricing and see who fits your budget best (with all the above considered first).

What NOT to do

Posting on Facebook that you're in search of a photographer is helpful, only if its worded correctly. Stay away from using: "reasonable" "reasonably priced" "cheap photographer" " arm and a leg" " not looking to spend a fortune."

MOST Professional photographers (including myself) who come across these posts RUN as far away as they can. This insinuates that you're bargain hunting. If a bargain is what you're looking for, then yes do exactly that, but if you're on the hunt for your DREAM PHOTOGRAPHER who is going to provide seamless guidance, beautiful images and educate you about their process, they themselves, are probably professional, educated and priced appropriately. Please do your research (listed above) about how much photography costs in the area you're interested in, according to the service you'd like, to construct a budget, and then LIST the specific budget in any ISO posts so your search is effective and deflective. Replace "reasonable" with "$500" or whatever your budget may be.

I hope this helps you in your search! Everyone deserves beautiful images that they love.


How to find your dream photographer

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