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Behind the Camera

I'll start off with the fact that I Was born and raised in Wayne County Ohio. I'll always belong in a small town. My childhood was spent in the sunshine barefoot, climbing trees, playing with my brothers, creating games and setting up this whole road system in our woods, naming each trail after some kind of landmark nearby (this was something only I was interested in lol). Small Creek and Big Creek were the most traveled. We had cats that would play and roam outside with us as well! They would run into the woods with us after a long day of school.

Most of my family consists of Blue-Collar men. My Dad is the hardest working man I know, and my Husband comes to a very close second. When I'm not doing business related things, I'm a homemaker, Sourdough baker, Bible studier, A wife, friend, Sister, daughter, Aunt. I love to be outside still. Hiking, camping, swimming, gardening. While I edit and work behind the sense, I love to watch live court cases!


A lot of the gleaming memories of joy from my childhood are building blocks to my life plan. I want my future children to have those bare foot, adventures in the woods, which is something so magical with the imagination of a child. Thats something I want for them every day! I dream about homeschooling my children and what our family will look like in 10 years just excites me!


Art became a new outlet, once I outgrew those adventures and my brothers were busy in sports. Art class was the only thing I was passing in high school. I was an IEP student due to my dyslexia. It was the only class where I felt I belonged. I got a little point-and-shoot camera for Christmas one year and that kept me busy! 100s of pictures of my cats, trees, flowers. Down the road in my 20s I started photographing people. My friends who needed maternity pictures, family pictures... that's when my hobby turned into my passion. By my 20s I understood loss very well. Along with that, I had a well-rounded idea of how VALUABLE pictures are, of people we have lost. A little moment captured on a camera keeps that laugh, that smile, their hug, their eyes, their SOUL, alive and here on earth with us well after they're gone. I'm so blessed and thankful that God has designed my journey the way he did. To be able to give moments in time to my clients as my profession is something I never thought would be an option. 

My background, dreams + purpose

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